I am having trouble connecting or staying connected

Connection issues can be the result of several factors, including:

  • Server issues
  • Local connection issues
  • Background Applications

This could be related to the servers experiencing issues; however, if no announcement is made regarding server issues on the main page of this knowledge base, it's likely related to the device you are using or your local network.

Try testing out your cellular connection if you are experiencing issues with your WiFi. Most home routers only support a limited number of wifi connections, so if there are many devices using the wifi, you may experience frequent disconnections. Check with your router/model manufacturer manual for assistance with adjusting those devices settings.

The game may also crash occasionally for a number of reasons. As we have been working on minimizing these crashes as much as possible on our end, players are encouraged to play with as few other apps running as possible, play with a good battery charge, and restart their devices regularly.

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    My Game Center achivments show up as incomplete i contacted apple and they said to contact you so Idid plus i have a gamecenter acount

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    Sam Younan

    Dear skyvu, I am a huge fan of your game called battle bears gold, but unfortunately,

    Every time I'm in the middle of a match, it disconnects from the match and my rank went down because of that, I used to be a rank about 2500 but now I ended up as a rank around 120, can u please help me because I payed about 30$ in this game

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    Sam Younan

    Ok I found the error, too many apps cause when I deleted a few apps, it started to work again, but I would still appreciate regaining my rank thought but its ok I don't mind, I can get back to my old rank in no time :)

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    I have been refilling the gas tank with my earned gas tanks and they keep getting used quickly without me getting to do nything because ill sart a game and 20 seconds later, The game disconnects. I would like to get my problem fixed and I have had problems  with bbg before so you might know me and i'd like 2 have maybe atleast ne gas can as a sorry cuz i waste my time logging in everday and waiting for the server to connect for nothing if it continues to be like this. besides that your game is great an im a HUGE HUGE HUGE Fan of BBG

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    Unicorn pro

    Help I have game joining lag and then I get to play for a few seconds then I crash and then I lose gas tank please help me and respond what I need to do I need some help

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