I am experiencing a lot of lag

Lag is often a result of the following factors:

  • Server issues
  • Other player connection problems
  • Local connection issues
  • Background Applications

We highly encourage WiFi over cellular connections. Closing other open applications, and restarting your device when problems persist may also help.

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    Kaneki Ken

    I'm recently playing multi but I've so much lag. In singleplayer everything is nice and no lags. My net is pretty good 750+kb/s so the only problem must be with the server and it'c too bad. Could you fix it,please? Basause it isn't so fair during match. I get killed. I still don't understand how can some of us play with these lags...

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    Pretty mucj after tje latest updaye i could not play on my lg tablet , tje game auto crahed right wjen tje game starts and on my phone zte it does not crash but only lags very badly on tje second game . the game was perfevt before the update!

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    I start a match and right when I start it I lag hard core and I try to move but it does not move and then a few seconds later it moves on its own

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