How does the reputation system work?

The Reputation System can both reward and penalize players based on their actions during private matches. The system is fully explained below. 

Reputation System:

After a private match has completed, players will see a list of all match participants, including the various rating buttons next to each name. Initially, they select one of the two:

  • Thumbs Up 
  • Thumbs Down 

Based on the option you select, there will be additional options to rate them on:

Thumbs Up:

  • Friendly 
  • Helpful 
  • Teamwork 

Thumbs Down:

  • AFK 
  • Offensive Name 
  • Harassment 
  • Hacker 

Player name color:

Based on the total number of reputation points that a player currently has from being rated after matches, their name will be a specific color in the private match system:

Name Ratings (Good to Bad):

  • Green 
  • White 
  • Yellow 
  • Orange 
  • Red 

Reputation Recovery:

You are able to recover your reputation rating through various methods. Those include receiving positive feedback from other players and/or not receiving any ratings over a period of time.


When a player hits a certain negative threshold based on player feedback, they will be punished. This includes being forced to play with players of the same reputation level, and could lead to an account suspension or closure. The higher number and frequency of your negative rating, the longer your punishment is in affect.

Punishment Recovery:

Similar to Reputation recovery, the more positive reaction you receive or by not receiving any feedback over a period of time, your punishment duration will decrease.


If you have a positive rating and reputation, the system may reward you with free gas cans each week. If you continue to receive a certain amount of positive feedback each week, you'll continue to get the gas can rewards. If you stay around the same level, you may not get free gas cans for that week. So play fair, work together as a team, have fun, and reap the rewards!

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