I didn't receive the currency from an offer!

In the game Battle Bears: Fortress, there is an option to complete free or paid offers to earn currency. If you complete the instructions that the offer required, you will earn the reward. Sometimes there is a delay in the compensation so you may have to restart your game in-order to receive the message. 

If you did not receive the reward, please contact They will assist you as soon as possible. 

Here are some examples of requirements that the offers may have:

-Install and Run

-Get to level 5

-Apply for a card, service, or membership

-Purchase apparel, products or services.

-Conduct a survey

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    Vwong Web

    Did a free gas can offer for 550 free gas.... didnt get it..... mobilesupport asked for my UDID and im NOT gonna give them that..... 

    Is it just that they wanna hack my device????? Why else would they want my UDID.......they should be able to give it to me by 

    adding the gems to my account.... Why want my UDID????? BB GOLD is per email... not device so the device UDID shouldnt matter.....

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    I did one report when I did a 100 gems but they never responded and I also did a solo game and lost my money and gems dicks

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