I am having trouble connecting or staying connected

Connection issues can be the result of several factors, including:

  • Server issues
  • Local connection issues
  • Background Applications

This could be related to the servers experiencing issues; however, if no announcement is made regarding server issues on the main page of this knowledge base, it's likely related to the device you are using or your local network. 

Try testing out your cellular connection if you are experiencing issues with your WiFi. Most home routers only support a limited number of wifi connections, so if there are many devices using the wifi, you may experience frequent disconnections. Check with your router/model manufacturer manual for assistance with adjusting those devices settings.

The game may also crash occasionally for a number of reasons. As we have been working on minimizing these crashes as much as possible on our end, players are encouraged to play with as few other apps running as possible, play with a good battery charge, and restart their devices regularly.

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