BATTLE BEARS GOLD Update 2.2 Now Available!

Battle Bears Gold Update 2.2 is here! Read the full update notes below.

2.2 Update Release Notes:

New Astoria Primary Weapon: Crossbow

  • Leave it to Astoria to make a rapid fire weapon that shoots unicorn horns. Even worse is that she can charge up the weapon and release a stronger attack! What's next, jackelope weapons?

New Wil Primary Weapon: Chainsaw Shotgun

  • Chainsaws are cool. Shotguns that shoot chainsaws are cooler. Thanks BRJ.
  • If you are losing in a match, there is no delay on the explosion. If you are winning in a match, the delay is longer.

New Wil Primary Weapon: Pie Bomb

  • This explosive wewapon will make you enjoy your last supper. It'll clean your plate. Prepare to pie...I mean...Die! Ok, ok, you get the idea. It's a pie with a bomb in it.
  • Does more damage if you are losing in a match. If you are winning in a match, you have to get a direct hit to do the same damage as if you were losing.

New Tillman Primary Weapon: Bouncy Betty

  • The master of explosions has a lovely friend named Betty. Tillman and her go way back, bouncing around exploding everywhere. Oh to be young and explosively in love!

New Huggable Secondary Ability: Phantom Hug

  • The Huggable's ability to love will make time seem like it comes to a halt. When actually it's just your feet and you're about to die.


  • Create and customize three unique loadouts before battle.
  • When you die in a match, you can switch loadouts at the respawn screen.
  • First slot is free, the other two require in-game currency to unlock (Gas and Joules).


  • Save replays and show off that awesome headshot to your friends with Everyplay! 
  • Only available for iPhone 4s and higher, iPod Touch 5 and higher, or iPad 2 and higher.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a bug that allowed an unlimited rate of fire.
  • Fixed various crash issues.


Double Rainbow:

  • Reduced the Cooldown from 5 seconds to 2.7 seconds

Punk Bands:

  • Lowered the speed penalty from 20% to 17%.

Hivey League:

  • Increased the clip size to 5.
  • Decreased reload time from 7 to 5 seconds.
  • Decreased the speed multiplier from -15% to -5%.

Doom Cloud:

  • Range was decreased.

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