BATTLE BEARS GOLD Update 2.3 Now Available!

Battle Bears Gold Update 2.3 is here! Read the full update notes below.

2.3 Update Release Notes:


  • You asked for it and we are delivering! Now dance the dance of victory over your fallen opponents!
  • To Use: Taunts have replaced the WooHoo! button on the team speak menu. Pressing Taunts will start your battle bear's humiliation attempt. Be careful though, you are still vulnerable to bullets when while taunting!

New Map: Toxic Terror

  • Explore the toxic sewers and try to survive the deadly radioactive exposure, not to mention the flying bullets, bombs and fists heading your direction!

New B-1000 Primary Weapon: Energy Overflow

  • A chargeable shotgun to vaporize your opponents!

New B-100 Secondary Weapon: Shield

  • Activate this secondary to reduce incoming damage by 50%.

New Botch Primary Weapon: Cosmic Fire

  • Focus Botch's power into a deadly flamethrower!

New Botch Secondary Weapon: Cosmic Bomb

  • Launch a ball of energy into the sky and watch it come down later to decimate the battle field.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various bug and exploits were addressed.
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    Can you make all Taunts 1 joule like in the 2.3 beta again? (The beta said 2.0 in game lol) PLEASE?!?!

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    Noah Hanohano

    Ya I really wish they gave me back my metal crush but they said I need the recipe?

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