BATTLE BEARS GOLD Update 2.4 Now Available! (Full Release Notes)!

Battle Bears Gold Update 2.4 is here! Read the full update notes below.

Update 2.4 Release Notes:

  • New Combat Tech Class: Saberi
    • 10 Skins Available
    • 3 Taunts Available
    • 2 Primary Weapons (Energy Rifle, Plasma Machine Gun)
    • 2 Secondary Weapons (Missiles, Minigun)
    • 2 Melee Weapons (Mallet, Sledgehammer)
  • New Reputation System
    • Rate players based on their performance in a match!
    • Earn something special by being a great part of the community!
    • Get sent to timeout if you are a meanie face!
  • Halloween Skins
    • They are back and all new ones for Graham, B-1000, Botch and Saberi!
  • Haunted Castle Returns
    • To celebrate the holiday, the Haunted Castle map has made a return!
  • Miscellaneous
    • Botch’s health was slightly reduced and speed slightly increased.
    • Tightened the graphics on a few weapons!
  • Coming Soon in future updates:
    • New Game Modes
    • New Weapons
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