BATTLE BEARS 1.4.3/ Update Release Notes

New Map:

Marecraft Arena: Battle inside the belly of a unicorn!

New Weapons:

-Deadeye (Primary): Got a problem? The deadeye is your solution. She may not have the biggest clip but she definitely has the biggest kick. If you understand the value of power, this is the rifle for you.
-Fairy's Dust (Secondary): Enemy got you in their cross hairs? Toss this lil' sack-o-magic and give 'em the slip. This magical concoction can be a real life saver!

-Static Shuffle (Primary): This mid-range attack might just be enough to spark your opponent's demise!

-Senor Potato (Primary): You couldn't find a kinder gun if you tried! Not only does it fire a high velocity spud at your enemies, it also leaves piping hot fries behind to blister their feet.
-Sole's Bane (Secondary): Wil doesn't want to share his toys but he's more than happy to share the pain of stepping on one of the buggers.

-Gernoybl (Secondary): Radioactive goo never hurt anyone, unless of course it came from the contaminated mouth of an adorable little mutated mammal. The longer your exposure, the greater your chance of death.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed collision issues with some of Tillman's weapons.
-Astoria can no longer lock on a target or pick up power ups while using Flawless Disguise.
-Tesla Shield should now properly block explosion damage.
-Aim icon should no longer disappear after dying with the team speak interface open.
-Fixed some minor graphical bugs.
-The same equipment slot items can no longer be stacked.
-Cloaking effects improved.


-Switched to a new network system. 
-Several minor menu improvements.
-Updated MOGA controller tutorial.
-Improved MOGA controller support for Android devices.

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