BATTLE BEARS GOLD Update 2.6 Now Available! (Full Release Notes)!

Battle Bears Gold Update 2.6 is here! Read the full update notes below.

Update 2.5 Release Notes:

  • New Arbiter Class: Sanchez
    • Primary Weapon: Bind Gun
    • Primary Weapon 2: Glue Bomb
    • Secondary Weapon: Cloak Field
    • Secondary Weapon 2: Speed Field
    • Melee: Blade Augment
    • Melee 2: Harvester
    • 3 Taunts!
    • 8 Total Skins!
  • Christmas Skins!
    • Celebrate the holidays with these Festive skins! Including all new ones for Sanchez, B-1000, Botch and Saberi!
  • New Weapons:
    • Huggable Primary - Losing Your Head
      • Lose your head and cause an explosion in the process!
    • Huggable Secondary - Charged Run
      • Rev up and go!
    • Graham Primary - Slow Field
      • Create a field to slow down the opposition!
    • Graham Secondary - Buzz Saw
      • Shoots very sharp saws that continue to hunt your enemies even when they hit the ground.
    • Astoria Primary - Blow Dart
      • Shoot a quick and deadly explosive dart.
  • Re-Balance!
    • We've gone through many items, characters, and weapons in the game to make everything more competitive and balanced! Click here for a full list of the balance changes.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Soaker and Urine Trouble aiming/firing issues have been fixed.
    • Oliver once again has his backpack!
  • Coming Soon in future updates:
    • New Maps!
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    Hunter 2001

    there should be a joule maker and a gas can maker in the newest update 2.7 and a level maker for you to have fun with and access no fee/fees like if come on buys the access for a user map he gets mow much is maked the access or with no fees to get in thats good plz make that for a new update it will make the game alot better

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